Shopping in Provence

Shopping in France is much like shopping in the US or UK - where prices in shops are clearly indicated, you don't usually bargain. However, at outdoor flea markets or in antiques stores, bargain to your heart's delight. Go ahead and ask the proprietor, "Vous me faites un prix?" ("How about a discount?").

Margaret at the local market.You've got to experience a market while you are in Provence. Nearby markets and market days are:

Provencal fabrics are often available at market.What can you find in the markets? Many things such as tapenade, anchoiade, caviar d'aubergines, olive oil, local cheeses and saucisses,(sausages).

Other markets include:

Because of all the summer homes in Provence, you'll find lots of interior design and decorating shops. Besides the local Provençal pottery and fabrics, you'll find other things such as English garden furniture, and Italian high-design items.